Supply Chain Logistics Acronyms and Term

ABM: Activity Based Management LIFO: Last In First Out ;
ABC: Activity Based Costing MPS: Master Production Schedule
AOM: Advanced Order Management MRO: Material Repair and Overhaul
APS: Advanced Planning Systems MRP: Material Requirement Planning
ASP: Application Services Provider MRPII: Manufacturing Resource
ATP: Available to Promise NIFO: Next In First Out
BPR: Business Process Reengineering OMS: Order Management System
BOM: Bill of Materials POS: Point of Sale
CMI: Co-Managed Inventory QR: Quick Response
CRP: Capacity Requirements Planning RMR: Retail Management Replenishment
CRM: Customer Relationship Management SCE: Supply Chain Execution
DRP: Distribution Resources Planning SCM: Supply Chain Management
DPP: Direct Product Profitability SCP: Supply Chain Planning
ECR: Efficient Customer Response SKU: Stock-Keeping Unit
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange TQM: Total Quality Management
EOQ: Economic Order Quantity TMS: Transportation Management System
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory
FIFO: First in First Out WIP: Work in Process
FEFO: First Expire First Out 3PL: Third Party Logistics
JIT: Just-In-Time 4PL: Fourth Party Logistics



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