Our Facilities

P.J. Group

With deliberation to vender the best service to our customers; all the personnel in PJ. Group have been carefully selected and trained to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers. Staff meetings are held periodically to iron out problems and to plan strategies for growth and development. Professional guest speakers/lecturers are often invited to introduce the latest management concepts and practices-Staff are also encouraged to attend training courses, workshops and seminars conducted both locally and abroad to widen their knowledge and upgrade their skills.

The Managing Director, Mr. Porama Laosethakul has been involved in Logistics business for over 30 years and has won international acclaim for Excellence and Business Prestige in recognition of the continuous search for quality demonstrated by the achievement of ongoing development and innovation of the PJ. Group under his leadership.

Modern office appliances such as the latest photo-coping machines and computers have been installed in the new office building which houses the parent company and three subsidiary companies. All the office records and financial transactions have been computerized and e-mail correspondence and business transactions are being undertaken extensively.

To provide services for the haulage and transportation of goods in Bangkok and the Eastern Seaboard, the Group owns the following vehicles :-

   1. Pick-up Trucks 13
   2. 6 Wheels Trucks 13
   3. 10 Wheels Trucks 17
   4. trailers 30

All the vehicles used for the transportation of goods are equipped with modern communication devices and safety equipment. They are all insured under full-coverage package which extends to goods damaged though accidents in transit.


1000/57-58 Trokwatjannai,Rama III Road, Bangklo,Bangkorlaem,Bangkok 10120,Thailand

Tel : 0-2296-9599

Fax: 0-2683-5970